Wednesday, July 6, 2011

15 Month Stats and Wordless Wednesday Dino Edition

Sarah's appointment went really well today. It was the first time that she didn't freak out when the doctor tried to use a stethoscope or tongue depressor on her. She was totally calm and the pediatrician was really impressed with her behavior. And I apparently have a very advanced talker on my hands. Her doctor could not believe how many words she knew and how many she used just in the short appointment. She's also hitting some developmental milestones typical of two year olds. (I'm talking hand eye coordination and mimicking things.)

Anyway here are her stats.

  • She weighs 21 lbs 6.4 oz (28%)
  • She is 30 in (28%)
  • Her head circumference is 46 cm (55%)
It looks like her proportions are getting a little more even. She's no longer a bobble head doll (small body, big head). Overall the pediatrician was very happy with her progress.

And here are a few pictures of Sarah's new obsession. She can now say dinosaur and loves the PBS show Dinosaur Train. She points to the TV and begs for "dine-a-saw".

This is just her eating salt and vinegar chips with her adorable pigtails!

We were laughing at her facial expressions which made her laugh.

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