Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I take it back

Remember when I said I liked being pregnant in the summer?? Yeah, I remember it too. And if it was a normal summer than I swear I wouldn't complain. The problem is this massive heat wave that has hit the Midwest. Temperatures are over 100 degrees every day with heat indexes close to 120! (Did I mention that poor husband has no a/c in his car and a broken driver's side window? Yeah I made him take my car today so he wouldn't die if there was a traffic back up on the highway.)

It's too hot for normal outdoor activities. We can't go to the playground because all the equipment burns your skin within a nanosecond. Going on a walk is out of the question, we both end up as sweaty messes. Swimming has become the only thing left to do, but even then it's sometimes just too stinkin' hot. I worry about heat exhaustion, sunburns, and staying hydrated. So we've taken to being recluses almost.

Sarah and I stay inside and play, which results in some long days here. Sarah gets bored easily and likes a change of scenery every now and then. I feel bad if I keep her cooped up too long, but like I said it's really too hot to go outside. And it just so happens that all Sarah wants to do is be "ow-siiide". I do change it up every couple of days with a trip to the store or mall. But those can get boring quickly too. So what do you guys do to beat the heat? I'm open to suggestions.


Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

Take her to the Great Mall...there is Zonkers, Monkey Bizness, or she can just run around and you can be happy because you're in the AC

Nikki said...

We go on playdates to other friends houses. We met some moms and babies through a local mom group. PLaying at someone else's house is usually a good change of scenery.

Also, sometimes places that have toddler classes, like gymboree, have one free trial session. We've been to a couple different ones already this summer

Anna said...

Boy I know the feeling! I gave birth to my son in May 2010 and was all like "Oh I'm going to get back into super shape taking walks outside everyday!"

UMMMM no! it was sooo hot during the day I stayed inside and by the time it was cool enough to take walks I was dead to the world exhausted!

I agree with the other moms! I really enjoyed going mall walking and doing playdates!