Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday

I saw this on another blog that I can't remember right now but I liked the idea. Basically you pick a few people who have made your week better and thank them.

  1. My husband, Ryan! You have been absolutely amazing this week! Even with my crazy mood swings, worrying, and nesting kicking in. Thanks for tolerating all of this chaos and taking everything I have dished out in stride. I really do love you lots and even if I'm cranky I should show it!
  2. My parents! They have made getting ready for this baby much easier. My mom has been amazing about making sure we have enough clothes and got our double stroller. My dad has been great in playing with Sarah and keeping her occupied when we are there. And they feed us multiple times a week so that's more than awesome. Free food = money saved for diapers or whatever else comes up.
  3. And last but not least our maintenance man, Anthony! He saved the day and restored air conditioning to my apartment. I was miserable all of Tuesday night with no a/c and very little sleep. And he came out Wednesday morning and fixed the problem for us. He has no idea how much better he made this pregnant lady's life!
I'm sure I left a few people out, because I have truly been surrounded by support in these last weeks of pregnancy. Who has made a difference for you this week?

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