Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I Don't Want to Forget Thursday

Sarah as we anxiously await your brother's arrival,there are a few things I want to always remember about this time.
  1. How much fun you are at this age. Everyday is a new adventure and full of surprises. While you can be frustrating, I never get tired of finding the new things that make you laugh and smile.
  2. The way you gravitate to water, even if it's just a teeny puddle. You even love it when it rains and you could care less who or what gets wet when you're around the water. I love the way you say "rain" and "waa-bie"" for water.
  3. The sound you make when we figure out just what it is that you have been asking for. When we finally get it right, you make this adorable little giggle/sigh of relief when you know that you're going to get that bottle/banana/fruit snack/etc.
  4. Your love of cooking and how everyone gets a bite. You walk around with a cup and spoon and stir constantly and give samples to anyone around. And speaking of bites when you want a taste or sip of something you ask for a bite.
  5.  Your hair! It's absolutely adorable and I love trying to get it in pigtails or in the "Pebbles" do. (Even if you refuse to sit still.)
  6. How much you love "preebies" (pretty's). Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or even just a hair tie. I love that you think it's fun to accessorize and even try and do Mommy's hair when it's down.
  7. I love the way you dance and ask for "mo" the second the music stops. Your talking amazes me every day.
  8. The way you love cleaning things. You are constantly wiping things, sweeping, helping with the laundry, or mopping. It's so cute and you are such a helper!
  9. Your love of being outside, even if it drives me more than a little crazy! I never want you to forget how much there is to do outside!
  10. And most of all I want to always remember how you taught me to be the mom I am now. I know that I will love all my children, but there's something special about the firstborn! You are the one who made me a mama and I have loved growing, learning, and loving with you and Daddy!

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