Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mind Dump

  1. Why does it always rain when I have an outdoor play date planned? I was planning on taking the kids to a pumpkin patch in the morning and there's like a 60% chance of rain. Plus it looks like fall weather is moving in to stay. A high of 58 degrees and rain do not make for happy healthy kids..
  2. I love MOPS and the ministry that I get from it, but being on the leadership team can be frustrating. I LOVE fellow shipping with other moms and would stay all night if I could, but I have babies that need their mama to tuck them in! It's hard to keep 13 women on task though, lots of stories to tell, food to eat and good times to share!
  3. I'm going to learn how to use Ryan's camera so that I can take pictures of the kids with more than my cell phone! I feel like this could lead to me becoming a member of the "Mama-razzi." I fear for their retinas already. (Just kidding)
  4. I LOVE my husband! He knew how desperately I needed my mom's night with my fellow MOPS ladies tonight. So what did he do? He kept Andrew with him (and about 20 oz of pumped milk). That way I could enjoy my time away and just feel like an unattached adult, that is until the meeting ran long and I needed to get home. :) 
  5. Fleas are evil. The good thing about the weather turning cold? Hopefully they all die. We had to bomb the apartment, bathe the dogs in apple cider vinegar (SMELLY), and re-treat them with flea medicines.
  6. I need to start working out now that I have the all clear from the doc. But the thing is I haven't really ever worked out. So I need to know how to ease into it. Any suggestions?
  7. I'm ready to wear my long sleeves and hoodies! Happy fall!!

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Siders House Rules said...

Such a bummer about the fleas. Those and lice I've heard are so bad. Glad you're getting it taken care of. Seems like you're doing so well going from one kiddo to two.