Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday (Pumpkin Patch Edition)

Pumpkin patches should only be attempted with both parents present. Also you should check to make sure that the breastfeeding infant is not going to be STARVING while his sister wants to climb the hay bales and jump into the wading pool that's supposed to be for fishing. And one last note, do not go on a super windy day. Hay+wind+roaming toddler+contacts=stressed mama with blurry vision!

Climbing up to the "Wee"

One of the only happy faces of the day

Sarah was not amused by my attempt to include Andrew

In the corn tunnel

Upset baby in the pumpkins. What do I expect when I dress him in a onesie saying "Mommy's Little Monster"

Trying to pick all the flowers

Andrew lying on a bench while Sarah ate lunch. He was pretty happy then.

My little dare devil. The only child to go head first out of our play group.

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