Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sad Reality

When Sarah was born, I was adamant that she wouldn't be a kid who became obsessed with TV. I didn't want her watching any (I know it was wishful thinking) until she was at least two. Cue getting pregnant while having an active toddler. Suddenly those kids' shows didn't seem too bad.

It all started out innocently. We would watch an episode of "Veggie Tales" together. Or more like 5 minutes of it before Sarah lost interest.  Then I decided that since "Veggie Tales" just wasn't cutting it, I should try something else. Enter "Dinosaur Train". This was Sarah's first love! 11 minute episodes and it was available on Netflix! Perfect. This show allowed me to get her fed and dressed without too much complaint in the morning. Then there was "Blue's Clues" (another Netflix find). She loves puppies and it's got some catchy songs. I was okay with her watching both of these shows as long as it was limited to one episode of each a day. She never has the attention span for an entire episode of Blue so we were doing great!

Then one day Mama left the TV on after "Dinosaur Train" ended on PBS and we entered the world of "Sesame Street". I have nothing against "Sesame Street", but I never wanted to be the mom that had a kid obsessed with Elmo. Well guess who has entered my house and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon?
Sarah asks for Elmo multiple times a day and absolutely LOVES him! She loves watching "Elmo's World" and any YouTube video of him. It's even better if Elmo's singing. So in light of her new infatuation, my Christmas shopping will have to include some little red monsters ... I guess you can't ever say never as a parent.

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