Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 Months

20 months (and 2 days) ago I became a Mommy! Last month I totally had a mini-freak out about Sarah being closer to 2 than 1, and I can honestly say that it hasn't gotten much better. I just have a hard time believing that we are moving further away from babyhood and approaching things like make-up, boys, and cars. (Hopefully she masters eating with silverware and actually getting most of the food in her mouth before those milestones!) But I know that I'm going to feel like I blinked and my little baby grew up. Since having her in my life, time has gone by so much quicker than I ever could have imagined. And I wish I could slow it down, but since that's not really a possibility, I'll take making memories with her instead.

Here's a few new things from her this month.

New words (just a few)
  • awesome
  • zombie ( I know not many almost 2 year olds know this word.)
  • wah-ssle (waffle)
  • bee-shoo (picture)
  • minkin (penguin)
  • Kissmas (Christmas) A few days ago she asked me "Kissmas music peas" when we got in the car. This girl has her priorities in order
New Activities
  • She loves "ring around the rosie" especially falling down at the end
  • Her independence is very highly pronounced! A common phrase around here is "NO Sazah dude it". And by common I mean every day, multiple times a day. I can't feed her, dress her, change Andrew, and so on without her proclaiming that she needs to do it.
  • Dancing in "cirkos" (circles) Now she even likes to dance with her princess Belle doll.
  • Playing catch, she was so proud of herself when she actually caught the ball.
  • Lately she has been going completely bonkers and getting super hyper right before bed. Chattering away and laughing and running around. It's cute but also a tiring end to the day.
  • Playing with her Little People Nativity Set. She loves to put anything but the angel on top. Right now there is a cow there. She can recognize Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
  • Coloring!! Oh man how Sarah loves coloring. And she likes to name off the colors of the crayons and have everyone sit down and color with her.
I really love this girl! And as much as I don't want her to get too big, I know I will enjoy watching her grow and learn more and more. But for right now I think I can safely say that the baby to kid ratio is still favoring baby. I mean I still change her diapers after all!

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