Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday: Our church hosted an event called "A Very Merry Morning". It's a Christmas program with activities geared towards preschool aged kiddos. I'll be honest, I was kind of skeptical about it. Usually I go to something that's "geared towards young kids" and Sarah can't do half of the stuff there because she's too small or not old enough to understand it. But this was a pleasant surprise.

We got to church and the first thing we saw was a petting zoo set up right outside the entrance. They had goats and donkeys. And my girl and animals, well they are great friends. She loved them! And on our way out she told each individual goat and donkey bye! So cute! Then they had all kinds of different stations set up inside the church. There was so much to do and see! And there was really only one thing that we stayed away from because of Sarah's age. We made an advent calander with a yard stick, a wooden ornament, played with babies, decorated cookies, watched people perform the Christmas story, and played with toys.
This was the Christmas bowling station. The kids got to roll a ball down the  aisle at pins which were characters from the nativity. It seemed weird to be throwing a ball at our Savior, but it got the kids into it right? Sarah eventually just kicked them over.

Cooking food for baby Jesus.

Taking Jesus out for a stroll, although I highly doubt He had a brown and pink stroller back when He was here.

Decorating cookies with Daddy!

Adding the best part, SPRINKLES! Sarah just licked them all off and left the cookie. And how awesome is the idea of using a to go coffee cup as a shaker?

The sensory room had musical instruments, sand, a felt board, and different animal hides (fake) to feel. Andrew was napping in the carrier for most of the event.

We went to church and went straight from there to get family pictures taken. It was relatively quick and I think we scored some good ones for our Christmas card! What do you think? Then we finished Sunday off with a family dinner at my parents' house. The pictures were done with all my family but we were able to get in a few shots of just the four of us.

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