Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had an absolute blast this Christmas. It started with Christmas Eve service at church. We went to the earliest one at 1:00 that afternoon so we could help with dinner prep and get ready for the evening. The best part about it was that I was able to actually attend the entire service. Both kids went to their classrooms in the nursery and I wasn't paged to pick up Andrew and feed him!! (Almost every single Sunday that Andrew's gone to the nursery, I have been paged because our little man decided he absolutely had to be fed THAT instant.) Anyway, the service was wonderful, great music, great message. I love the Christmas music and the story of Christ's birth. It never gets old to me.

So after church we headed to Ryan's parents' house and prepped for dinner and gifts. Nothing beats Christmas with a toddler!! Seriously, it was one of the best Christmases I can remember. I got to experience all of the joys of Christmas for the first time again! Twinkling lights, yummy food,  good songs, fun movies, and gifts. My girl was all about it! She loved everything and I loved watching her! In fact, everyone got a kick out of watching her open gifts and help everyone else open up theirs. She got some really great gifts from all of her uncles and her grandparents on Daddy's side. She is so spoiled loved!

Christmas morning was filled with more happy times. I may have had a little freak out when I realized how late we slept in (almost 10, seriously what kid does that on Christmas?), and that I had wanted to be up a few hours earlier so that we could get to my parents' house before 11. (We made it a few minutes after.) But I got over my stress fit pretty quick and watched my girl's delight in her gifts. Andrew was a bit indifferent but then again what 4 month old wouldn't be? Christmas morning with our family of four was wonderful and family Christmas with my side was great too. Once again the kids were spoiled and I got to really see things through Sarah's eyes again! Child like joy and wonder are amazing!
Sleepy girl! Christmas morning wake up call!

Looking around at everything.

What's in here?

Belle ball

New hat for the boy who magically outgrows everything in a matter of days!!

This was a huge hit!

Belle doll

A favorite gift of Sarah's and another new hat for Andrew

Who needs a nap?

We finished off the Christmas festivities with a cruise around town to look at Christmas lights with Sarah. (Andrew napped at home with Grammy.) She absolutely loved seeing the one crazy house we go to every year and the light show we went to. Like I said before, I think this Christmas was one of the best I have had EVER! Watching my kiddo really getting into it, was absolutely amazing, and I can't wait until next year when both my kiddos will be able to experience and understand it all.

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