Thursday, December 1, 2011

Um, When Did This Happen?

Of all the adjectives that people use to describe December, I bet sneaky isn't one of them! But that's exactly how I'd describe it this year. It just crept up on me. Oh I knew that November was coming to a close what with Thanksgiving being over and all that, but holy cow it's December!

Normally, winter is NOT my favorite time of the year, not even close. I love the holidays, but the cold and snow ... we're not friends. But this year, I think I may have a change of heart. I'm actually excited for the cold weather (note cold not freezing), because this year Sarah will have more of an idea of what is going on. It'll be neat to experience the cold temps and the snow through a toddler's eyes. To her everything will be new and exciting. And I have a few winter activities planned. Frozen bubbles, food coloring in the snow... thank you Pinterest! And for days when it's too cold to go out, I have a few activities there too. (Indoor play areas, indoor snowball fights, making cookies, forts and a movie)

So needless to say I am excited for this next season. While December may have snuck up on me, I'm ready for its challenges and things to do. I'm hoping that as the temperatures dip, everyone stays healthy and we can all enjoy our indoor time together. Because it's lots of fun to watch Sarah playing inside and how creative she gets with her toys. Like right now Baby Jesus (from the Little People Nativity) is camping out on our coffee table and one of the wise men is on top of the stable where the angel is supposed to be. And Sarah? She's collecting change and putting it in her "burse" (purse) so that she and Jesus can go to the store for milk. Loading up in the Cozy Coup now!

Happy December all! I hope this new month brings you lots of fun also!

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