Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well Baby Check (4 Months)

We had Andrew's 4 month appointment, this past week. I think it was Wednesday morning. I was sad to discover that I had scheduled the appointment for 9:00 AM. When you have babies that normally don't wake up before 8:00, it makes it a little hard to be somewhere by 9:00. But we made it. Although both kids were cranky from being woken up early.

The good news was the appointment went well. We switched pediatricians a while back, still in the same practice, just a different doctor. Our other one was a nice lady, but she always gave us worst case scenario! No good for a worrier like me. Anyway, the new doctor's nurse was great! She played with Sarah and included her in things like weighing ( 24 lbs) and gave her band aids. The nurse was even sad to have to give Andrew his shots because he was so happy and smiling at her. The doctor let us know that Andrew is developmentally perfect, even though he hasn't rolled over yet. Always good to hear your baby is perfect!

So here are his stats

  • 14 lbs 6.4 oz (60%)
  • 24 inches (25%)
  • Head circumference 17 1/4 inches
So my big boy isn't quite as big as I thought, but he's still a little porker compared to Sarah at that age. Did I mention his new nickname is "Ham-drew". I'm sure he'll love that we called him that later on in life. Anyway, when he actually reaches 4 months I'll do a post on the things he's doing and all that.

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