Friday, February 5, 2010

No more childbirth classes

We had our final class last night. Our course was a 5 week course with each week covering a different topic. This one covered postpartum recovery and newborn care. I would highly recommend that any first time parent take a class like this. Even though Ryan and I are from large families and have been around babies forever, we learned a lot. Granted the last night about how to change diapers and such was a breeze for us!

In other news, the second baby shower is this weekend! It seems like there isn't much left to buy for Sarah but I'm sure we will still find things that we need once she arrives. I made our appointment to tour the maternity ward and I am kind of excited about that! We will sign all of the paperwork needed so I don't have to do that while in labor. Then we get to see the nursery, deliver rooms, and recovery rooms. I'm glad that I will at least get to see the place before I get there.

In two weeks I will be in Manhattan!! I cannot wait to see my friends again. It seems like it has been forever! We have a doctor's appointment this Tuesday and hopefully she gives us the green light to go away for the weekend.

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