Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food Problems

Sarah has reached the stage where she no longer wants to eat baby food. This wouldn't be a problem, IF she could eat regular food. She gags on nearly all stage 3 baby foods (the kind with bits of food in it) and she chokes a lot when eating table food.

This makes sort of a dilemma for me. I don't know what to feed her. She can comfortably eat crackers, puffs, and cereal. However the nutritional value of those things isn't exactly that high. I know she's hungry, but refuses to finish her baby food jars and isn't satisfied with just a bottle anymore. All she wants to eat is what's on my plate. Again, not a problem in theory. When she gets what's on my plate she either spits it out or gags/chokes. Sometimes we have success, but that usually ends in me not getting to eat because she wants every bite of mine.

Anyway, I guess I'm wondering if any other mamas out there have gone through this and if they have any suggestions on how to make it better. I don't want Sarah to be hungry but I want to make sure she is getting enough good stuff and not just fillers like crackers and such.

On a side note, this baby seems to be a health nut compared to Sarah. All I want to eat is fruit and veggies and big salads. When I was pregnant with Sarah, I was convinced she was surrounded with vegetable oil instead of amniotic fluid. This is a welcome change though. Hopefully this will prevent a 50 pound weight gain. So maybe Sarah's lack of interest in healthy foods started when she was a fetus...


Nikki said...

Harper went through that at around 6 1/2 months. So we just started giving her table food at every meal. It wasn't very successful at first, but we just kept giving it to her and letting her try. We made sure she was still getting the same amount of formula. She caught on and was a master after about three weeks. Keep at it and Sarah will be eating an entire serving before you know it.

bo's mommy said...

Transitioning to table food can be tough. I will say those stage 3's weren't a success w us either. Have u smelled or tasted them? So bland!!! I agree w nikki. Keep trying. Our peditrician said don't underestimate their pallete. Bo loves spicy food! I think I wasn't seasoning stuff well enuf for him. Try running spaghetti or something thru a food processor not runny but fairly smooth. The flavors are better. Veggies r a nitemare. Still are. I do tell scott at least he tries a bite. Try some of the gerber yogurts. Bo lived on those. Loved them! Also cheese sticks. Like real cheese. He's a cheese monster. I figure w those he is at least getting calcium n protein. To transition real fruit try those mesh bags. That look like pacifiers. Bo loves fruit. I would freeze some or give him some ice when he's teething. He loves them. Also we love those little cups of mandrian oranges n peaches. Keep trying is all I can say. Bo still chokes sometimes. I notice its worse when he's teething b/c he doesn't wana chew. Good luck!