Friday, February 4, 2011

Update on Our Little Bean

Today was my first real appointment with the OB for Baby #2. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of nervous. This whole first trimester is kind of nerve wracking. You can't feel the baby moving, there is no real visible evidence of a baby belly, and your emotions are all over the place. So I got both Sarah and I ready and headed out the door about 1:00 for our 1:30 appointment.

Ryan met us there and we waited for about half an hour before I asked the receptionist how much longer.
 "Oh I forgot to tell you Dr. G is out on a delivery. She should be back any minute."
Well, I'm not proud to say that I got a little irritated. First off, they should have notified me when I checked in that my doc wasn't there. Secondly, I now had to entertain a sleepy baby for who knows how long. But I waited it out. Finally about an hour after our appointment was originally scheduled for, we were taken into the office.

Dr. G asked me if I had any questions. Nope, I just did this not that long ago. So she got the doppler out and we got ready to hear our baby's heartbeat. Except for not. It took FOREVER to find it. Plus the doppler had a lot of interference. After what seemed like an eternity, she located our little mover way down low on my right side. We heard the heartbeat for a split second and then he/she was off again. Dr. G tried chasing that baby around forever trying to get an accurate read. When the baby finally calmed down we got a heartbeat read of 160 BPM! That was perfect. I was so relieved. Having been through a miscarriage, and knowing a lot of other who have been through one as well, I was a little hesitant to get too attached to this baby.

Now the fun stuff begins. Hopefully I start gaining some weight soon since I've lost 5 lbs since my first new patient appointment. I am excited to start looking pregnant and not like I ate too many burgers. Dr. G said I should "pop" about a month earlier than I did with Sarah. We also found out that we get to see our little bean in early April for our 20 week ultrasound! So sometime around Sarah's first birthday we find out if she gets a little brother or sister. What a great gift.

Physically I have been feeling pretty good lately! No severe nausea and my sleepiness is fading. This is great news for me. Emotionally, I'm afraid I've been a little short tempered and more moody than I was with Sarah. (Sorry honey!) So that's our good news for the day. I am so glad it was good news I had to report!

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