Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Mind Dump

  • Getting out of the house puts me in a better mood. It forces me to get dressed and look presentable so I can go out in public which makes me feel better about myself if I am out of pj's or stained clothes.
  • Sunbursts from Nordstrom Espresso Bar are AMAZING! I worked there in high school and they were one of my favorite drinks then and they still are now. Ginger peach tea, raspberry syrup, and orange juice. It's so refreshing and yummy!
  • I love Sarah's dancing. It's so funny and she does it all the time now. Seriously, even commercial jingles make her get her groove thing on. And she loves if someone sings a song with her name in it.
  • We got Sarah some flash cards to help her learn to recognize different words and objects. I highly recommend them. They are touch and feel and fairly inexpensive. She already knows quite a few of them and can pick them out when you ask her where they are.          
  • Sarah went to the walking classroom at church yesterday and did very well! I was a little anxious about it because she's pretty small compared to some of the other "walkers". But my worries were unfounded because she did beautifully! Her teachers in the baby classroom miss her though.
  • Finances stink! I hate having to make a decision based on how much money is in the bank. With a second baby on the way, I have been feeling pretty guilty about not having an income. I know everyone has money stress, but sometimes I wish the "right" choice would just be crystal clear or at least have a neon sign pointing to it saying choose me.
  • My dogs are finally going to get a haircut on Friday. We've been putting it off for too long and I will be happy to not have to vacuum multiple times a day to fend off the dog hair.
  • Sarah learned to fake sneeze. It's quite something! She throws her head back and says "achoo" while tossing her head forward.
  • I need to have a girls' night out sometime soon. Or maybe just a coffee or lunch date with friends. Having me time is ESSENTIAL to all mamas. (Working or stay at home) Every mom needs to recharge so she can give her best to everyone that demands it.


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