Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sarah is Sick

So I thought her runny nose and fever might have been caused by cutting more teeth. When she's teething, she generally gets cranky and exhibits a few sick-like symptoms. Well I was wrong. Her current problem isn't related  to her teeth at all.

Apparently my darling child has caught some bug from the other kids in the church nursery. (At least that was the pediatrician's best guess as to where she caught it.) I work there every other week, and it infuriates me when parents knowingly drop off sick children. I'm all for going to church, but if you're sick or your children are, stay home. Our church even offers a live online service so you can watch it from home if for some reason you can't make it. I'd say sick kiddos qualify as a good reason to not make it to church. *steps off of soapbox*

Anyway, Sarah's fever got pretty high yesterday so Ryan called the pediatrician for an appointment today. She had a cold that has now developed into an ear infection.She also has a cough that the pediatrician said is going around and could linger for a couple of weeks. It sounds really painful and sometimes wakes her up at night. I had to get a prescription for antibiotics and I'm hoping that she likes taking this medicine because it should make her feel better in a few days. She has been sleeping A LOT which is a blessing! When she is awake, it's totally obvious that she is just feeling miserable. She whines and cries and wants to snuggle which is very unusual for her. I know her body needs the rest, so I have just been letting her nap as long and as often as she wants.

The good news about that, is I have been able to get a lot of neglected housework done. Although if I could, I would trade the finished chores for a healthy baby. So it looks like I may be a bit scarce this week, but I'll try and keep you all updated on how little Miss Sarah is doing.

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