Friday, February 11, 2011

A Whole Lot of Random

I'm taking the time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Currently I am without a car (it's in the shop) so I am choosing to enjoy being at home today. I know I'm a stay at home mom, and I'm home all the time, but at least I have the option of going to the store or something.

So here are some of the little things I'm loving right now.
  • Sarah figured out what a phone is. She has a toy phone that she puts up to her and "talks" to whoever is on the line. On the other hand, my TV remote is constantly being stolen so she can "call" someone.
  • Mashed potatoes. We had some with dinner last night, and Sarah loved them. Here's concrete proof that this kid is mine. I could live off mashed potatoes and brown gravy. I got a second helping after dinner and was eating them on the couch and this girl RAN to come get bites.
  • Baby Dances! Sarah recently started doing this little butt shake thing whenever music is on or she sees someone dancing. It's hilarious.
  • Pointing. We have reached a new form of communication with Sarah. She can point to things or where she wants to go now. It's not always very clear, but it's progress.
  • Nods. Sarah is nodding when asked if she wants something now. I'm pretty sure she understands the meaning of what she's doing. Even if she doesn't, it's stinkin' cute.
  • A clean kitchen. My mom picked me up from the car shop yesterday and dropped Sarah and I at home. She stayed long enough to clean our kitchen immaculately! It's something I have been trying to get around to so it just made my day! Thanks Mom.
  • Funny faces. Sarah and I shared a pickle today. Her face was so funny! I thought she hated it, but she kept wanting more. This is a trend now. Anytime I eat something, Sarah wants whatever I have.
  • It's Friday! The weekend is almost here and my hubby will be home for two solid days and I can sleep in! 
What are the little things making you happy today?


The Siders House Rules said...

That's all very good news. I can picture Sarah doing all those things - it's just funny to read them all at once because in my mind she is simultaneously running to you to get mashed potatoes as she pointing to something she wants and nodding about wanting it. What an active little gal! :)

Lindsey said...

It's crazy how much more interactive she's gotten in just the last few weeks.