Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby #2

We had our ultrasound yesterday to check on how Little One was growing and we found out that we are having a little BOY! I was shocked but excited! I had convinced myself that it was another girl, even though I had a feeling it was a boy at the beginning.

Anyway our little man was measuring just perfect. Everything looks good, although he refused to give the ultrasound tech a profile shot of his face. His heart, legs, kidneys, stomach, and everything else indicate that we will have a healthy son around August 24th! We got two perfect shots of his "goods", so we know for 100% that he is definitely a he.

I had been a little concerned that I hadn't felt as much movement as I remember feeling with Sarah. Our ultrasound confirmed that I have an anterior placenta so that explains the lack of movement. Basically that means that the placenta is on the front acting as a cushion between me and baby boy. In a few weeks I should start being able to feel him more when he gets bigger but for now I just have a few flutters here and there. I've also regained 4 of the 6 pounds that I lost.  That means I'm still down 2 pounds from my starting weight but at least I'm not losing or staying stagnant! My belly is measuring right on track and little man was 13 ounces, so he is obviously getting all he needs.

I'll post some ultrasound pictures later once I get them scanned.  Sarah will have a little brother which means that Mama has got to get some shopping done before he gets here!


The Siders House Rules said...

Love your news, Linds. So exciting to have a boy. John will be quite glad to have a little guy pal in KC. Definitely want to see pictures soon.

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sarah, if you guys are in KC anytime feel free to call or text! You would not believe how fast little Sarah can move now!