Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I feel like I really need to take the time to just reflect on my blessings and what I'm thankful for. I've been pretty down and stressed out the last couple of days. Yesterday was especially rough on me. Sarah is cutting molars and was pretty cranky and inconsolable. She cried straight for an hour and a half and there was nothing I could do to make it better. Needless to say, yesterday was a bad day! One of those where nothing goes right and every small thing just adds more stress and frustration. If you mix that with my crazy pregnancy hormones (which are way crazier this time around), you get one frazzled Mama who feels like she's failing at everything! So I decided that instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of my last couple of days, I would make a list of things to be grateful for. Because "in the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed."  (Francesca Battistelli - This is the Stuff) So here is my list of things I'm grateful for/my blessings.

  1. My healthy daughter who is so smart and funny! Just the fact that she maintains good health is a blessing in and of itself. There have been way too many stories of sick kids lately. My heart goes out to families that have such a heavy burden on them.
  2. Sarah's personality! She's such a curious and funny little girl. She knows how to get a laugh out of you and she does it right when you least expect it/need it the most. I need to learn to be more thankful that she WANTS to learn about everything around here. She's always exploring and constantly on the go.
  3. My wonderful husband who has put up with my emotional breakdowns and my anxieties and tears over this new baby and the one we already have! Too many times I let the little things get to me and I overlook all he does for our family. He is truly a good man, husband, and father. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but we both want the best for our kids.
  4. My small group from church! These people are truly inspiring and incredible. It's a group of young married couples and we are currently reading a great book that has proven to be really beneficial to my marriage. Rocking the Roles Honestly, if you are looking for a good read on how God wants your marriage to look and ways you can strive to achieve it, check this book out.
  5. Tax refunds! Because it's always nice to have a little extra money in the bank.
  6. Living close to my family. I know I have mentioned how both sides of our family live fairly close to us. I'm talking like within 15 minutes. I'm so glad to have that support system close by. I honestly don't know how people who have family scattered all around do it. I love the fact that my in-laws and my family can get together and do holidays together so that we don't have to do any complicated juggling of families! Easter Sunday will be great because we are all getting together and both sets of grandparents will be able to see Sarah on her first egg hunt and the grandmas can split cooking duties!
  7. Napping babies! Honestly, they are truly a blessing from God. I love Sarah to death, but naps are a much needed time for both of us to get rest. She's asleep and I can take some time to myself. 

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