Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarah's One Year Stats

So we went to the pediatrician last Monday for Sarah's one year check up. I don't look forward to these appointments, not because I don't like Sarah's doctor, but because I hate watching Sarah get shots. So I scheduled this appointment for late afternoon so Ryan could come with us.

The appointment itself wasn't bad, she took her shots well and only cried for a minute. What was awful, was the wait. Our appointment was 3:45 and we weren't even seen until close to 4:45. Now I know doctor's offices run behind, but an HOUR! Sarah was having a melt down. We got back to the room and had to strip her to her diaper and then wait another 20 minutes for the doctor to get in there. I'm hoping this was an isolated thing because I do like our pediatrician, but trying to entertain a one year old in a tiny room is not easy!

Here are her stats!
Height - 28 3/4 inches - 40%
Weight - 19 lbs 9.6 oz - 20%
Head circumference - 45 3/4 cm -75 %

Overall she is pretty small for her age, but she's got a big head like Mama! Developmentally, she is ahead of schedule in nearly everything. The pediatrician was impressed with her motor and speech skills. She's doing things that most kids won't do until about 19 months or so. Our little girl is still a little peanut, but she's a smart cookie, hence the big head. It's nice to know that we must be doing something right to have a healthy, smart, and pretty little toddler on our hands.

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