Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Recap

We had a wonderful Easter this year! The best part about it, is that I will most likely remember this one. Last year, we came home from the hospital on Easter Sunday and it was all a blur of family and visitors. It's really hard to remember any of the details of that day. I know there was a big dinner (lunch) that I must have eaten some of, and that we all met at my mom's house.

This year, we all met at my in-laws' house for lunch. I'm so thankful that my side of the family and Ryan's side get along! No one wanted to miss Sarah's first egg hunt, so we just decided to do a joint celebration. I'm sure both grandmas like it because there is less cooking that way! There is always so much yummy food at Easter though, mmmm hash brown casserole....

Anyway, Sarah seemed to really like her egg hunt. This kid is addicted to being outside. She would LOVE it if we stayed outside all day, every day! And what's the best thing about being outside you ask? ROCKS! Sarah likes to find and pick up all kinds of rocks. She hands them off to everyone saying "dan yoooo". This means thank you. (Whenever she hands me something that she's found outside or on the floor, I always say thank you. Hence why she says it now.) As far as the eggs went, she was slightly disinterested. I tried to get her to pick them up and put them in her basket. Instead, she shook them and opened them up. She quickly realized that the eggs held candy and then that's all she wanted. NOTE TO ALL OTHER MAMAS: SUNNY DAYS, CHOCOLATE, AND WHITE DRESSES DO NOT MIX.

In my defense I did not hide the eggs, one of her uncles did. And he didn't think about her dress because he's one of five boys! Anyway here are some great pictures of Sarah that her grandpa got of her hunting down those eggs (and rocks).

Rock in hand and big smile!

Still holding a rock. 
Two rocks in the basket and adding another.

The melted chocolate bunny...

She squeezed it and I held her hands while Daddy ran to get a wipe to avoid chocolate on the dress.

Back to hunting eggs.

I LOVE this dress.

Finding the last egg.

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