Thursday, September 1, 2011

Body Image Post Baby #2

I think it's common for postpartum moms to have a few body image issues. I know I do!  Even though I know that my body has done something amazing by growing, nourishing, and birthing a new human; I still have a few hangups about it. My stretchmarks are a big sore spot for me, but there are some good things about this being the second time I've been through this. I think my body knew it had to come back faster because I couldn't afford to be sore and rest up for weeks! I have to say that I am much happier with my post-baby body this time around.

For one I have lost ALL of the weight I gained while pregnant. Of course, Andrew was nearly 1/3 of it, but I'm still really impressed that I managed to drop all 30 pounds by 9 days postpartum! (As a rule, I don't weigh myself at home. I only know that I lost the weight because I was weighed at my blood pressure check on Monday.) And I ventured into non maternity clothes yesterday out of desperation. (Andrew peed on my last pair of clean maternity shorts.)  SO I took a deep breath and rummaged through my closet for some type of summer bottom that would fit. I was terrified that they wouldn't fit and I'd burst into tears. But lucky for me, they buttoned and weren't too snug. Although I think I prefer my yoga pants and maternity shorts for now. I'm hoping that the weather cools down a bit and I can start wearing my fall clothes that should fit  and have me feeling a bit more comfortable, seeing as how I bought all new ones last fall after Sarah was born!

Also my pain level have been much lower this time around! I was really happy about that! Who would have guessed that a 9lb baby would equal an easier recovery than a smaller baby! I'm walking normal and carrying on with life. Andrew and I even ventured out of the house together at 4 days postpartum. (I haven't braved taking both kids out in public by myself yet.) I have a lot more energy and just an overall better feeling which makes me feel better about myself.

One other thing that I have made sure is a priority is some down time to just take care of me. I didn't really take great care of myself after Sarah was born. Who cared what I was wearing or that my hair was a mess? I was just with a newborn and going to get spit up on anyway. This time though, I make sure to get in a nice hot shower/soak in the tub and do more with my hair than throw it in a ponytail! I'm not talking hours of time spent on my personal looks, but a few minutes here and there to put myself together has done wonders for my self esteem and mood this time around. Just a few small things make a world of difference! 

So while I may wish that the lower part of my stomach didn't have all these new stretchmarks and that my stomach was a little more toned. I am much more optimistic about how I look and I've already made plans to get into shape once I have the doc's all clear. (Having two kids to chase, means Mama really needs to make sure she kicks it in gear!)

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