Monday, September 12, 2011

MOPS Monday

Today was the first meeting of our new year of MOPS. I was so excited and nervous for this year to start. Part of it is because I am on the leadership team for MOPS. That in and of itself is totally crazy! I'm not that far into my journey of motherhood and here I am taking a leadership position to help other mothers? The other reason I was excited/nervous was because I knew I would have the opportunity to make new mom friends this year and I totally want to take advantage of it.

Last year I looked forward to MOPS because of the good food and I knew Sarah would nap well afterwards. I always enjoyed the message and listening to the other ladies talk, but I never really opened myself up to them. This year, I want to look forward to coming to a community of women who are my friends and I really want to put myself out there. The problem is that since leaving college, I've become a little more reserved and it's harder for me to branch and make new friends. Sometime in the past 18 months or so my brain has misplaced the ability to start conversations and make small talk. I'm guessing the middle of the night wake up calls and endless stories are to blame.

Anyway, our meeting went well and I felt much more connected to the ladies at my table this year. Maybe it's the addition of Andrew that makes me feel a bit more confident. Last year I was afraid of looking like a first time mom who "knew everything". This year, I'm not such a novice so to speak. (Yes I am aware that Andrew is only 3 weeks old, but he's alive and happy!) But back to our meeting, it was really a lot of fun. Great conversations, yummy food, and tuckered out kiddos. Sarah loved playing with all the other kids and the socialization is hopefully going to be good for her and maybe help with our sharing issues... My newsletter and welcome packets seemed to go over well. (I'm in charge of publicity so that involves writing the newsletter and I was really nervous about it.) I'm hoping the rest of this MOPS year brings lots of fun and more good times!

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