Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monster Baby

That's what Andrew is. It has absolutely nothing to do with his temperament though! *Knock on wood* It has to do with his size. We were at the pediatrician today and Andrew got weighed. To my complete shock he weighs 10 lbs 12.6 oz!!

See the reason we went to the pediatrician was because Andrew has been having spit up episodes for at least a week, He had been fussy at the breast, only wanting to eat for a few minutes and constantly unlatching and getting really frustrated. Then once he did finish his feed, he wouldn't burp and then would spit up either a little or A LOT! After another extreme, forceful vomiting episode last night, I decided he needed to be seen by the doctor.  I suspected acid reflux and I was totally right. They don't think it's a food allergy or anything else like that because his fussiness and spitting up is not related to foods that I am eating.

So since he's gaining weight and otherwise seems not too bothered by the spit ups, we are going on an unmedicated route. (Generally after he spits up, he's totally fine. And he doesn't scream before or after. Just acts frustrated while eating.) So anyway, we are going to be keeping him upright after feeds, burping him more frequently, and making sure he's eating and not just comfort sucking. But it looks like we have a "happy spitter" on our hands. While it's annoying to pack extra outfits for everyone and to be doing laundry constantly, I am happy that my boy isn't being harmed by all of this mess.

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