Saturday, September 10, 2011

Potty Training Already?

This afternoon I was in the bathroom putting on my make-up and Sarah decided to join me. This isn't an uncommon occurrence in our house, Sarah loves to watch Mommy and the "pretties". But this time she wanted to sit on her potty chair.We have a potty chair because she learned what the potty was while Mommy was pregnant with Andrew. Anytime I walked by the bathroom she would tell me. "Mommy potty." So Grandma bought her it in case she showed interest in going on the potty at all.  She drug the little chair out of its corner and put it right behind me on the floor. She then said clear as day "potty Mama". So I took off her diaper and let her sit there with her sippy cup of "wabie" (water).

I went back to doing my make-up and told her that if she went potty she would get to have her binky. We're trying to wean her from it and she's constantly asking for it. She only gets the "beebee" at bedtime/naps and in the car/stroller. Thinking back it probably wasn't the best reward for going potty, but it totally worked. (I was SO not expecting it to.) About 30 seconds after I said it, I heard a tinkling and I turned around to look in her chair and sure enough my baby had gone potty!

I was totally shocked! Sarah stood up and I yelled for Ryan and we all cheered. Then Sarah looked in the potty and said "uh-oh". I told her that it was a good thing and together we dumped the potty chair and flushed the big potty. So I'm thinking that I may need to invest in some type of reward system. What have any of you found that works? I was thinking M&M's or some other type of small candy. Although the binky worked, I'm not wanting to get hooked on it again just as we are weaning from it. Any tips on potty training from you mamas that have been through this?

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