Monday, March 7, 2011

11 Months (A little late)

Sarah is officially less than a month away from turning one! I say this every month, but time has gone by so fast. My little baby is not little anymore. Here's what she's up to at the moment.
  • Wearing size 3 diapers
  • Walking and running everywhere. I let her walk around the mall beside me for short distances or from the car to the apartment. She squeals with excitement and throws her hands in the air every time. You'd think I gave her a pony or something.
  • Since she is walking and running, she wears shoes. Sarah would rather chew on them, but she's pretty successful at walking in them. She wears size 3 in those too.
  • She loves yougurt, crackers, and anything I eat. Even if she's not hungry, she wants to eat whatever I eat. 
  • She's now officially moved to the "walker" room at church. She holds her own pretty well there and seems to enjoy it. At least we haven't been paged to pick her up or because of an accident yet.
  • Speaking of accidents, we had our first major one. Sarah managed to crawl off of my bed in the split second it took me to grab my glasses from the night stand. She has a nice little rug burn on her nose. So much for pretty pictures for her birthday invitations. We'll just use another picture.
  • She "talks" all the time. Ryan and I are having a hard time figuring out what her first word is. She says mama and dada and baba. But other than that she has her own words for things. If she wants something she looks at you and points at whatever it is and says NAH. Or if she wants to know what something is she points and says DAT. Sometimes though she just goes on and on in her own little language and I have no idea what she means, but she looks up at me like "did you get all that?"
  • When she gets mad, she makes this awesome little scrunchy face that is so funny! I have a hard time not cracking up at her.
  • She's figured out how to work a straw and enjoys drinking out of a cup. She still doesn't like her sippy cup because she has to work for a drink.
  • She brings me anything and everything she finds on the floor. It's actually useful when I'm trying to clean up. Sometimes she even puts her toys away.
  • She's constantly changing and I'm sure I've forgotten something. She's discovering one thing after another and it's so hard to remember what she started when. Everyday we find something new.
In other news I am in full on party planning mode. Pink and purple butterflies. It's going to be so cute! We're trying to keep her party small but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not inviting them. So who knows how big it will actually end up being. My mom and dad graciously offered us the use of their house and I'm hoping the weather is nice so maybe we can spend some of the party outside. But you never know, she was born on a rainy day. Early April is a funny time for weather here in Kansas. Stay tuned for more party news! 

Oh and here's a nice picture of her scraped up nose.

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