Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gaining Weight

So during pregnancy, you expect to gain weight. It's a given. In fact, a lot of women find themselves wanting a "baby bump" long before it shows up just so people will know they are pregnant and not fat. I'm having a tiny problem though, I'm not putting any weight on. I've lost 6 pounds since finding out I was pregnant.

I have no need to wear my maternity clothes. The pants kind of hang off of me and shirts just look ridiculous. But I am at that point now where I expected to start showing soon and I'm not. Kind of disappointing. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned as of yet. A lot of women experience weight loss in the first trimester and I am just barely into the second trimester. Combine those things with the fact that I had the stomach flu this week and the weight loss is totally understandable. Still it has me a bit on edge.

With Sarah I gained 49 pounds. EASILY! Sure, some of it was due to blood pressure trouble and water retention, but still that's a lot of weight. My doctor did say that it takes a lot for a baby not to get what it needs. Like the mom has to just flat out refuse to eat or have a problem absorbing nutrients on her own. Everything is measuring on track with the baby so it's fine. I just don't understand how a pregnancy that has made me so hungry and given me very little nausea and food aversions can result in weight loss.

So the plan of action is to continue eating like I have been. (3 meals and snacks) If I haven't put on any weight by next appointment, then we will talk about nutritional supplements and an eating plan designed to put weight on me. So here's hoping I don't need that stress.

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