Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Apartment Living

What is there to say about apartments that hasn't been said before? Obviously there are those who love and those who don't. Then there are those who are indifferent to it. I thought I fell into the last category. I don't LOVE my apartment but I don't hate it. But with the addition of babies in my life, I'm seeing how living in a single family home (as opposed to a multi-family unit) has its perks.

First the pros of living in an apartment.

  • We are not responsible for any yard work.
  • If something breaks we can just call a maintenance man to fix it.
  • Our rent is less than what a mortgage would be.
  • There are no stairs here for Sarah to fall down. We are on the first floor which means that I don't have to lug strollers and babies up flights of stairs.
Now the cons

  • We have elephants living above us. Honestly they stomp around all day and vacuum at 5:00 AM. Who does that?
  • No yard for the kiddos or dogs.
  • If something does break the maintenance men are in my apartment for a couple of hours and I have to leave or just go about my day like they aren't here. (kind of awkward)
  • When Sarah gets really worked up, I worry about the neighbors hearing her and being bothered.
  • We have to pay an additional fee each month for our dogs. Pet rent??
I know owning a house is still at least a couple of years off for us, but a girl can dream right? We just renewed our lease for another year and it was probably the best decision for us. Although that doesn't mean I won't be doing my research for where we could move after our lease runs out. Our location is great and I really do like our apartment. It's nice and comfortable. Although sometimes I can't help but think that with two kids maybe we'd be better off in a house. But if people in other countries can live 8 people (or more) to one shack than I can do it with a 2 bedroom apartment, 2 babies, 2 dogs, and a husband.

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