Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mind Dump

  1. This weather is beautiful! I am so happy that snow will soon be a distant memory and I have warm and hot days to look forward to.
  2. I need to go shop for warm weather maternity clothes. All of the ones I own are winter or too severely stretched out to be worn right now.
  3. I was on the way to the park with Sarah today. We were going to go rock it out on the playground, but Little Bit had another idea. She decided to fall asleep in the car, so I did what any mama would do. I drove past the park and then turned around to head home. She needed a nap more than swinging. Hopefully when she wakes up we can resume our adventure.
  4. I feel the need to purge my apartment of every unneeded item. I'm not sure if it's "spring cleaning" or "nesting".  Either way I've cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and done two loads of laundry today.
  5. I am so excited for Sarah's party which is in less than two weeks! Ryan and I bought her a play kitchen and I'm hoping she likes it as much as I think she will.
  6. I'm also super excited for Easter. I think our little monkey will get a kick out of her first Easter egg hunt. She's really into picking things up and bringing them to the closest person. And while this isn't her first Easter, it's the first one she can participate in. Last year she was two days old.
  7. I'm so thankful to be on the mend from this awful cold. I hope my family can manage to get and stay healthy for a good stretch of time.
  8. I wish my husband got a "spring break" from work. It would be nice to have a few days with him without him having to use his vacation days that we need for when the baby is born. 
  9. On a similar note, I think Ryan and I need a date night soon. It would be nice to go to dinner and be able to finish my meal without any interruptions.
  10. Oh and Sarah is teething again! The child was up about every hour last night. Not fun! All I can do is give her tylenol or ibuprofen and hope she feels better.
  11. And because I always feel like a post should have a picture. Enjoy!

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Nikki said...

We bought Harper one of those spiny balls, her's lights up. She LOVES it. A great toy!