Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 2

Day 2: Take a photo of a random part of your day and tell about it

So this picture is kind of hard to see, my sister took while we were on our way to visit our dad in the hospital.  Yep, that's right my dad is in the hospital. Apparently he has pancreatitis (which is when your pancreas releases enzymes inside of itself instead of further along the digestive tract). Typically this is caused by gall stones, but he doesn't have those. So now he's in the hospital without food or water to give his pancreas a rest. He's miserable ... no food, no drink and pain = no fun!

So being good daughters, my sister and I went up to visit him and try to relieve some of the monotony of hospital stays. Sarah came along and thought that the hospital was a way cool place to be. Although the fact that the sound for the TV was coming out of the remote freaked her out a bit. She was also a little scared of the IV my dad has. I was okay with that, because it meant she wasn't going to get close enough to pull on it. 

Sarah must have known that Grandpa wasn't feeling too well, because she was being as cute as could be for most of the visit. She was running around, playing peek-a-boo in the curtains, showing off her new words, and singing/dancing. Unfortunately she got fussy and wanted snacks from her diaper bag and proceeded to eat them in front of my dad who had been without food for over 18 hours at that point. Oops! I decided we better pack up and leave shortly after that because Sarah was getting sleepy and grumpy and needed a nap. And I decided it would be best to stop torturing my dad.

Anyway this picture is of a totally tricked out purple and black van with a license plate reading "WERWOLF". Strange right? What makes it even better is that the driver was about my grandmother's age! Seriously it was an elderly lady driving this van down a main street in our city. It has got to be one of the weirdest things I've seen in a while.

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