Saturday, June 11, 2011


So the post for today was supposed to be wedding pictures, but I thought I'd save that for my anniversary. So I switched out that post for one on nicknames.

Now the prompt is just the word nicknames ... so what should I tell you about them? I don't really have any that I go by anymore unless you count "honey" or "babe" from Ryan. Sarah on the other hand has some good ones!

Monkey - We started calling her this when she was just a newborn, and she will answer to it. She even has a "Hey Monkey" song that we sing. If you start singing it, she dances almost immediately! Monkey was also my nickname as a baby. (I think this is a pretty common nickname for babies.)

Sarah Bear - Again another one she got as a baby. And yep, there is a song that goes with this one too. It goes to the tune of THIS but we substitute Sarah for Gummy. (Don't judge the song, it was found randomly on youtube when I was searching for something else.)

Sea Turtle Eyes - This is what we call Sarah when she is sleepy. If you look at the sea turtle from "Finding Nemo", his eyes are only half open and that's what she does with hers when she's tired.
(See the similarity?)

Gremlin Baby - She growls when she's angry. That has evolved into this growly voice that she uses when she's upset and she sounds kinda like a gremlin. It's cute and slightly funny now, but I hope she outgrows it.

Banana Hands - She's a messy eater and she laughed when my sister called her this. Granted, my sister was saying it in this silly voice that made Sarah squish even more banana. She had banana covering her hands and her face.

Obviously Sarah doesn't go by all these names anymore. Some of them were one time things, but still worth a mention. We do use the first two on a regular basis, but the other ones are nicknames she's had in the past or that are used infrequently. It'll be interesting to see what nicknames our little man gets, especially since he is still unnamed. What do you call your kiddos?

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