Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Songs

Starting on November first, one of my favorite things happened. A local radio station started playing Christmas music!! Yes, I am one of those crazy people that could listen to Christmas music all year round. There's something about hearing Carol of the Bells or Silent Night that just puts a smile on my face. Sometimes if I am in a particularly nasty mood humming a few lines of one these tunes, reminds me that there is good in the world and things to look forward to.

I know tons of people hate the fact that the Christmas season starts the day after Halloween. I mean, you can go into a store on Halloween and see all the creepy decorations and that same store will be all dressed for Christmas the next day. It's like a team of elves went crazy overnight to make sure every shopper knows that Christmas is creeping in on them. ---That there are only a few more weeks until the holiday stress will take over. Make sure you all buy the perfect wrapping paper with the matching bows and if you look to the left we have Christmas cards for you to fill out and send to everyone you haven't spoken to/seen in the last year.---Even I don't like that! But they can play all the Christmas songs they want, it won't bother me any.

There's something about carols that makes my heart happy. (Excluding things like Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer of course.)Listening to all the messages of joy and peace and goodwill make me hope that one day this world can be a better place. Now that I have a daughter, I want her to know that yes, this world is scary but it's also beautiful. I think the holiday season reminds us of that. This is the time when people feel a little more friendly to their neighbor or maybe go out of their way to give that bell ringer some change. (Someday I will go into me and bell ringers. Seriously I HAVE to give them money anytime I see them.)

And the songs remind us of home and family. That really this holiday shouldn't be stressful but cherished like a great big meal. You should eat every last crumb. It's a time to reconnect and love on one another. So for me all these Christmas songs are a reminder of what I should do when Christmas rolls around. How I shouldn't be worried about the gifts I've given or the food I *tried* to make. And it puts me in a better mood. So if you see some crazy lady in her car singing Christmas carols and totally rocking out to them, just smile and wave because it's probably me.

By the way, only seven more Saturdays until Christmas!

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