Thursday, November 11, 2010

Splish Splash

I was taking a bath and so were Mommy and Daddy. So says little miss Sarah. Last night we were doing the whole bedtime routine thing and that includes a nightly bath. Usually Ryan is the one that bathes her, but I volunteered to do it because I like watching how happy she is in the bath tub. She absolutely LOVES water.

So back to the bath last night. I put her in the tub and reached to grab the baby soap, when SPLASH! I am totally soaked. My shirt, my jeans, my socks, everything. Sarah has always splashed and kicked in the tub, but last night was something else. Ryan came in to watch as Sarah geared up for another tidal wave. She lifter her legs so high that the lower half of her body was off the bottom of the tub and she was virtually folded in half. Then she let her legs drop. She ended up kicking so hard that she propelled herself across the bathtub. She kept doing it over and over which made it hard to actually wash her legs and feet.

By the time we finished her bath everything within 10 feet was sopping wet. I looked like I had just taken a shower in my clothes, there were huge puddles all over the floor, the counters were wet, and the mirror even had some droplets on it. Ryan and I were cracking up the entire because we just couldn't believe such a small body could cause such a huge mess.

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