Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Believe

... in voting. Every vote counts and just one person can make a difference. It's so important to be politically aware especially if you are a parent.

... Panera's iced green tea is awesome. I wish they sold it by the gallon.

... that Disney and Pixar animated films are appropriate for any age. No one is every too old to enjoy them.

... sleepless nights call for mid day naps with your baby. I love snuggling with Sarah on the couch. We both get some badly needed rest and sleep much better that way.

... Christmas is just around the corner and I am SO excited about it.

... Sarah's new love of her wet wipes is hilarious. She's hard core attached to them but HATES having her face wiped.

... in family.

What do you believe in this week? Link up to Mrs. Trophy Wife and let her know.


Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Ah I LOVE green tea. Obsessed!

Janine said...

I've never had Panera but that just made be hardcore crave Starbucks green tea!