Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seven Month Stats

So this is over a week late, but better late than never. She turned seven months on the second.

Height: Around 26 inches
Weight: About 17 1/2 lbs

New Developments:
  • Crawling
  • Clapping - no sound yet, just putting hands together
  • She plays in her pack and play for twenty minutes at a time or so. This way I know she's safely contained and not getting into anything she shouldn't be.
  • Pincer grasp is almost perfected
  • She loves to bounce whether it be on someone's knee, in her jump up, her jumperoo, or on her own
  • Getting into a sitting position all on her own
  • She loves to talk and it's nearly constant. Still no real words just a whole lot of babble. But there are some "mamas" and a BUNCH of "dadas".
  • Headbands may become a thing of the past. :( She takes them off when she gets agitated.
  • Solid foods are definitely more appealing now. Her favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes. But everything better be a puree because she does not like things with textures.
  • Everyone in the house is getting more sleep! She consistently sleeps through the night. She goes down between 9:30 and 10:30 and stays asleep until at least 5:00 before she wants a bottle and then goes back to sleep until 9:15 or so. Sometimes we make it to 7:00 before she needs the bottle.
  • Anything with fur is her best friend. She ADORES dogs and cats. If you are feeding her and a dog walks into view you have to wait for the dog to move before she will give you her attention again.
  • She is holding her own bottle now! The only exception is when she is sleepy. Then she still needs some help.
Things I miss
  • Her toothless smile
  • Having her sleep on my chest and not feeling like there's a brick on my lungs
  • Setting her down in one spot and having her be there when I get back
  • All of her cute newborn and 0 - 3 clothes
What I love
  • Watching her grow and get to important milestones
  • Seeing her learn new things
  • Making new hair accessories (flowers, bows, etc)
  • Buying baby clothes ... it's a sad obsession
  • Discovering the world all over again through my daughter's eyes
  • Feeling like I am finally adjusting to being a stay at home mom 
  • Seeing my husband be a great father and my daughter's love for him
  • Redefining my ability to love each and every day

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The Siders House Rules said...

Lindsey, that's great stuff. So cool to look into my future a little and see what I have to look forward to, and see how much you love your life too. Very encouraging to an almost mum like myself. I especially liked reading what you miss because it was like I was reading about what I am about to experience, especially the toothless grin and having baby stay in one place. Funny how short-lived those are. And those tiny clothes - I can't get enough of them either.

We are still here waiting for baby, gaining patience by having it tested. :) I know you know what I mean. The world will get to meet our little man soon. We'll keep you posted.