Monday, November 22, 2010

Mall Blowouts ... Yes THAT Blowout

Last week I was at the mall with Sarah. I like to go there and just walk, especially if the weather is especially nasty. It's a good climate controlled area and it gives me a place to go when I need to get out of the apartment. Sometimes we buy things, but most of the time it's just window shopping and lunch.

Anyway, my sister was with us and we were at JC Penney's looking at all the cute Christmas clothes when we notice a funny smell. I decided to head towards Nordstrom, since they always have the cleanest bathrooms. I got there and went to lift Sarah onto the changing table when I noticed that her light pink sweatpants had changed colors. Yup, they were that yucky green/brown color that means one thing, a major diaper fail! Sarah has a diaper blowout usually once a week, but I was totally not prepared for it to happen in a public place.

I had forgotten our changing pad that goes in the diaper bag so I had no choice but to lay her on the store's table. Luckily it was cushioned and I did put paper towels down to help minimize the mess. It didn't help much. Poor Sarah had poo all up her back, down her legs, and even in her socks. So there I am trying to clean her, wrap up the clothes, and avoid getting poo all over everything within 5 feet. I managed to get her in a fresh diaper and clothes without too big of a problem. Then it came to putting her dirty clothes somewhere, I had no bag to tie them up in.

So I grabbed a handful of paper towels (again) and wrapped them around the clothes. It semi worked. Trust me I did think of just tossing the clothes with the dirty diaper, but I liked that outfit. My sister is standing on the sidelines just mortified. She couldn't believe someone that small had made such a huge mess. So now that Sarah was all taken care of, it was time to turn to me. I had poo on my hands and my sweater. I washed my hands and positioned myself behind the stroller and headed home. It was a true learning experience for me. I will always have a grocery sack with me from now on. Oh did I mention that the stroller needed to be washed down too?

The things you learn about as a mom are very different from what you think they will be. And being a mother totally changes what you deem as appropriate conversation/blogging.


The Siders House Rules said...

I agree. Normally I would not think it appropriate to discuss messy bowel movements in public places but being a parent now, I think I've changed my mind. After one week, we haven't had an event like this, but I appreciate the reminder to be aware and prepared. :) Poo really can go Everywhere.

Lindsey said...

Yes it can! This was our first experience like this and I was totally embarrassed as people walked into the bathroom and could smell her. How's little John?