Sunday, November 20, 2011

3 Months Old

Andrew is 3 months old today and life is great with him. He could quite possibly be the happiest and easiest baby I've ever met. He's all smiles, eats like a champ, and consistently sleeps through the night!
So here are Andrew's stats and a few things about him
  • At his appointment on Monday he weighed 13 lbs 6.5 oz
  • He wears size two diapers
  • Our big guy is in 6 month clothing!! There are some 3-6 month pieces that he can wear, but we tried to put a sleeper on him the other day that was a 3-6 month size and we couldn't fasten the top buttons because his neck wouldn't fit. 
  • Andrew smiles ALL the time. Seriously he loves smiling and has even started laughing at some things. He loves it when I poke his nose and cheeks. I love hearing his laughter.
  • Our feedings are about every 2 1/2 hours during the day.
  • I feel like one of the most rested mamas to small kiddos! Andrew sleeps from about 10-6, then wants a snack (5 minutes tops), and sleeps until 9:30 or 10:00. And lucky for me, Sarah hasn't been waking up until then too!
  • The swing is still Andrew's favorite hang out spot. He naps there, plays there, and just chills out in there when I have to get some stuff done.
  • He frequently turns tummy time into nap time, which I find pretty funny. I mean seriously, he's supposed to be working on upper body muscles and instead he's sleeping. But he does have great head control.
  • Our struggle with acid reflux is getting so much easier. He's not throwing up as much these days and even when he does it's usually not a lot. But usually about once a week or week and a half we have an exorcist moment! And Andrew usually waits until Mama is holding to completely empty the contents of his stomach. But at least he's not as uncomfortable as he used to be!
  • He's a generally laid back and happy kid. He prefers to kind of watch things (especially ceiling fans) and doesn't really need to be right in the middle of stuff. 
  • This big guy is a snuggle bug! I love cuddling with him and taking naps with him. I absolutely adore the fact that Andrew wants to be snuggled, because I feel like Sarah never wanted to be held. The only problem with snuggling Andrew is that after a while he gets a little heavy!
  • After three months, I can't believe how much I love this little boy! I know that I was so worried about loving him like I do Sarah and having enough of me to go around for my kids. But my worries were for nothing, because I have plenty of love for BOTH of my littles!

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