Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

First off it's November already! Seriously, how did that happen? I swear I was pregnant yesterday and it was like 105 degrees out right? Or it could just be that I think time is flying way too fast again, who knows for sure. Speaking of weather though, our high for the day is in the upper 70's (did I mention it's November) but tomorrow we have a chance of snow?! You tell me how that works...

Anyway, Halloween is over. And I think I'm glad it is. We don't have very many kid-friendly neighborhoods in our area/family's area. I'm talking 3 lights on in the whole street... so we had to do safe indoor trick or treating. Bummer. But Sarah managed to get a good haul that I can steal from, I mean, she can eat until the New Year. And she really seemed to enjoy herself. She was so excited to go to the mall to "shoppy for candy". She's gonna be a shopper when she's older, I can feel it. Oh and she learned to say sucker, which is way adorable when she does.

Here's a few photos of our Princess and her Frog!

So now that we've celebrated the end of October, I'm ready for November and all the chilly winds, good food, and family it will bring!

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