Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mind Dump

  1. I love the cooler weather, but I am not a fan of the illnesses that seem to fly around during this time of year. We've already had one hospitalization, two fevers, several runny noses, a couple of coughs, and some congestion. No fun!
  2. I am so glad Andrew is healthy again! Having an infant in the hospital is SUPER scary and stressful. The sight of his tiny little body strapped to a stretcher isn't something I'll be forgetting anytime soon. Or the image of his little head with the IV port in it.
  3. I wish I knew of more indoor play places/opportunities for the kiddos. Pretty soon the weather is going to get cold and stay that way and I would love to have a handful of places to rotate through so Sarah doesn't get too bored. Everyone knows that home isn't fun after a day or so.
  4. I desperately want to figure out a way to not spend a fortune at the grocery store and STILL have nothing to eat. I swear things are getting so expensive these days, it would just be easier to order in everyday.  I was going to say it would be easier to eat out, but with two small kids that's probably not true.
  5. I love Christmas music and I was disappointed that our radio stations decided not to start on November 1st this year. They did it last year and I LOVED it, but I guess too many other people thought it was too soon.
  6. I think I am in need of  a few cooking lessons sometime in the near future. Or at least some new recipes. I want Sarah to start eating what we do, so I don't have to keep an endless supply of hot dogs on hand. Maybe some new recipes would help with that. But who knows for sure?
  7. Oh and as soon as it gets to about 50 degrees or so and stays there for more than one day. I am going to get a hazelnut hot chocolate from anywhere BUT Starbucks. (Not a fan of the bittersweet chocolate they use.) Doesn't it just sound yummy??
  8. I need to stock up on baking supplies so I can get some cookies and breads started for the holidays!

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