Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

... happiness and cheer ... Name that song! Anyone?

Anyway, I'm happy to say that we are officially decorated for Christmas, inside anyway. We went to Sam's yesterday and got a good deal on some shatterproof ornaments (100 of them) and put them up on the tree. Sarah and Ryan also decked out her little tree with some pink ornaments galore! Sarah picked them out herself and I didn't have the heart to tell her to put them back. So in addition to the pink ornaments and tree skirt from last year, she has some hot pink balls for her tree now.

Sarah is absolutely enamored with the decorations. She loves looking at the tree and telling us how pretty the lights are AND she totally loves her new nativity set. Ryan's mom got her a Little People nativity to play with and she was so happy to play with it for almost an hour. (A long time for any toddler!) Although, the wise men seem to be on top of the stable a lot. But hey, it's her toy right? She can pick out baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph when asked to. And really that's what is important. We wanted her to have a nativity set that she could touch and play with and what better way than this? I just know that the Christmas season is going to be so much more joyful and fun with a toddler around!!

Sarah's Pink tree! (Sorry crappy cell phone pic)

Sarah's new nativity set!

 I love these next two pictures!!
Sarah in front of our tree, but she thought she was in time out because Daddy kept telling her to look at the tree. Hence the next picture.

I came to sit with her so she knew she wasn't in trouble just that we wanted a neat picture. 

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