Saturday, November 26, 2011

And The Good Times Keep Coming!!

Our holiday week has been absolutely wonderful so far. It started off with having Daddy home on Wednesday and I got to have a few (much needed) hours to myself. Ryan took the kids over to his mom's house to help prep some dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. Sarah really got a kick out of cooking with Gummi and Daddy and has been asking "mo cook-in" since then. Like I've said before, Sarah really does have a helping spirit. She enjoys helping out with cooking, cleaning, laundry, anything really! Ryan even took Andrew with him for part of my "alone" time, but as any nursing mama knows, sometimes it really is easier to just have the baby with you. Hence my LONG afternoon nap!

Thursday our  families came together for a GREAT time and YUMMY food. Seriously, we had dinner around 3:00 and we didn't leave until after 10:00! We were all just having fun chatting and catching up with one another. And then my mother in-law offered to keep Sarah overnight! It was awesome to not have to worry about the bedtime battle after a day full of eating sugar! Seriously, at one point Sarah ate straight Cool Whip out of a bowl. (Bad mom award here!) But she loved it, so I let her!

Friday was the crazy Black Friday. I ran out to Kohl's at midnight and managed to snag jeans for pretty much everyone but Andrew. (He didn't need any.) Ryan was running out of work appropriate jeans (no holes), Sarah had none that fit her anymore, and I needed another pair to go with my boots. So I braved the crowds and was able to get everyone some jeans for great prices! Oh and another reason Sarah needed jeans, she has figured out how to unbutton and unzip her one pair that does fit. That's resulted in a few instances of a pantless toddler.... Anyway, the crowds weren't too bad and I even managed to go back out later in the day (after coming home and sleeping until noon minus feeding Andrew). I had to go back out for necessities, nothing too exciting.

Oh and we decorated for Christmas on Friday! When you find yourself without your curious daughter, it's best to take advantage of that opportunity and drag out boxes and totes without having to worry about keeping her out of them! Our nativity is out. The village is set up. We have a garland up and our tree is put up but not quite fully dressed so to speak. I need to find some good shatterproof (AKA plastic) balls to use. With a toddler, we can't be too safe with decorations. I would be absolutely crushed if some of my childhood ornaments (especially ones from Kelsey) were broken, so it made more sense to get things that can't break!

I can barely wait to see what the rest of the week/weekend has in store for us! But until I update, please enjoy my babies!

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