Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Since Thanksgiving will be here before I know it, I thought it would be more than appropriate to continue with "Thankful Thursday" this month. So here's what I'm thankful for today.
  1. My marriage! It may not be perfect, but it's good. My husband loves me and I love him. We are working hard to model a good relationship for our kids, and I can only hope that the example we set helps them in their choices of spouses later in life.
  2. My kids. I know there are times when I write about how crazy my kiddos are making me and how tough life is. The truth is though, my life is so much better because they are here. I cannot imagine what I'd be doing if they weren't here. I'm so much happier and more loving because of them.
  3. Fall and everything that comes with it. I love the trees changing colors, the leaves on the ground (especially the crunchy ones), the great drinks (pumpkin spice, apple cider, hot chocolate), the cooler weather/wind, cool weather clothes, and the time I get to spend with family with the upcoming holidays!
  4. My warm place to call home and good food to eat! I know I complain about apartment life, but at least I have a home. While it may not be my dream place, it's in a safe neighborhood, isn't run down, and it's where my family is.
  5. Yoga pants ... they're comfy and they fit all the time. From pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, to postpartum. Yoga pants are just great!

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